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Podcast Co-Hosts

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Julian L. Alssid
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Kaitlin LeMoine
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Podcast Overview   

Welcome to Work Forces, the bi-weekly podcast revolutionizing how we think about the future of work and learning. Hosted by workforce and education strategists and thought leaders Julian Alssid and Kaitlin LeMoine, Work Forces dives deep with the innovators shaping the future of workforce development and career preparation. Through insightful conversations centering on innovative higher ed and workforce development models, cross-sector collaborations, and emerging new technology, Julian, Kaitlin, and their guests discuss practical solutions that can be scaled and sustained to meet the demands of tomorrow’s workforce and learning environments.


In the summer of 2023, Julian and Kaitlin began a listening tour to discuss the most pressing needs and challenges faced by leaders in the fields of higher education, workforce development, and education technology to inform their consulting practice. Work Forces emerged organically from those discussions and both informs and is supported by Julian and Kaitlin’s consulting projects and writing. 

Our Guests

The goal of Work Forces is to discuss and disseminate new strategies and ideas that can positively shape the future of work and learning. We use the following framework to guide our selection of podcast guests and the topics discussed. 

Graphic describing podcast guest criteria

Our Audience   

Our audience has been cultivated over the past 25 years and represents our extensive and influential professional networks of leaders in workforce development, education, edtech, government, and human resources. This is a dynamic, evolving community of over 12,000 individuals that Julian and Kaitlin reach primarily through LinkedIn.

Listener Statistics  

Podcast Launch Date: September 27, 2023
Number of downloads to-date: 2,118 downloads

Growth Trends  

Episode Samples   

Title: Kelvin Bentley, The University of Texas System
Themes: Kelvin Bentley, Program Manager of Texas Credentials for the Future, an innovative initiative within the University of Texas System, discusses program successes to-date, the complexities of implementing microcredentials in a large system, and suggestions for faculty and administrators to build microcredential initiatives of their own.

Title: Paul Fain: The Job
Themes: Paul Fain, journalist and creator of The Job, discusses workforce education and training, with a focus on sectors like manufacturing, healthcare, and tech. He shares the impact of policies like the CHIPS Act on job opportunities, especially for low-income workers, and the role of community colleges in workforce development. Our conversation also explores the effects of AI and technology on jobs, the need for flexible education models, and the importance of policy and government support in these initiatives.

Title: Marlena Sessions, NOVAWorks
Themes: Marlena, Director of NOVAWorks, shares her extensive experience in workforce development, and emphasizes the importance of strategic partnerships, innovative approaches, and customer-focused services to address the needs of job seekers and employers in a rapidly evolving, tech-driven job market. The episode provides insights into the complexities of workforce preparation and career pathways, offering practical solutions for scaling and sustaining workforce development efforts. 


"When a new Work Forces episode comes out it's the first one I click! Fantastic guests plus free-ranging but thought-provoking conversations with hosts who are asking the big questions about issues many want to solve - I come away from each quick episode with more nuance, new ideas, and a deeper appreciation of this unique intersection of solutions + stakeholders."


Logan Currie


The ApplyAI

Headshot of Steve Lee

"As the leader of a national workforce coalition, I strongly recommend the Work Forces podcast for its insightful commentary and insights on the labor landscape and future of work."


Steven Lee
Chief Executive Officer


Partnership Opportunities

We welcome sponsorships and cross-promotion with partners who share our mission to elevate innovative, practical workforce and learning solutions to a diverse audience of higher education, workforce, and employer leaders and practitioners. Please reach out via the link below if you are interested in learning more.

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You will receive:

  • Host-read endorsements of 15-30 seconds for all episodes in a season of 8-10 episodes

  • Mention of you or your organization in the podcast outro

  • Links to your website/social media in the podcast notes 

  • Two brand mentions in marketing posts post per podcast episode

  • Mention in our bi-annual newsletter

  • Inclusion of your website banner in the podcast website

  • Click below to learn about sponsorship levels

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If you are a fellow podcaster, we can collaborate to:

  • Promote one another's content through program episode advertising, both host-read spots, and content trailers

  • Create content together

  • Joint social media promotion

  • Interview one another on air

  • And more!

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