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Our clients are education, workforce, and business leaders who want to design and scale impactful education and talent development initiatives. In J. Alssid Associates, they recognize the value of an expert advisor and partner to help them frame their unique opportunities and challenges. We provide our clients with customized, workable, and lasting solutions.

Our clients include leaders from:

  • Higher education institutions

  • Intermediary organizations

  • Industry associations

  • Government agencies

  • Employers

  • Workforce entities

Case Studies

Community College Seeks to Maximize Its Impact on Regional Economy

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Challenge: A mid-sized urban community college offers numerous programs aligned to local workforce needs and allocates considerable resources to building out systems to engage working learners and collaborate with local employers. The college envisions having a greater impact on the local economy by maximizing its existing assets and structures, and seeks customized guidance and a plan to leverage the college's existing strengths in order to realize that vision.

Solution: J. Alssid Associates reviewed the college’s divisions, programs and supporting processes, and interviewed numerous senior leaders to better understand the college’s existing assets, challenges and opportunities. The team also reviewed industry best practices for engaging with local employers and designing programs for targeted industries. The final product was a presentation delivered to senior leadership that included our findings, a strategic roadmap to build upon their existing efforts, and promising practice examples reflective of their current need areas.

Ed Tech Company Seeks Skills-Based Training Design for Fortune 100 Employer

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Challenge: Unmudl, a "Skills-to-Jobs" education technology company, offers short-term community college training designed to help people get quality jobs and onto career paths. Unmudl sought a partnership with a large employer that could serve as a proof-of-concept for building and deploying custom skills-based training at scale. 

Solution: In a year-long effort, J. Alssid Associates established a partnership between Unmudl and Amazon with the goal of offering training to help Amazon fill over 1,000 maintenance technician positions. Our role included multi-stakeholder facilitation, custom course design and build. We led collaboration with Amazon, partner community colleges, and the Umudl marketing team, including the facilitation of early implementation and continuous improvement efforts. Final products included course design, course launch, and an operational playbook to inform future course design efforts.

Prominent Industry Foundation Engages J. Alssid Associates to Guide Design of Educational Framework

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Challenge: The American Society of Safety Professionals (ASSP) and its charitable foundation offer education, standards development and a large member network for occupational safety and health professionals. The ASSP Foundation recognizes that over 120,000 safety positions are unfilled nationwide and that the path into the safety profession can be opaque and challenging to navigate. They seek to develop a comprehensive educational framework that incorporates existing industry competency sets, credentials, and standards and is informed by the expertise of qualified subject matter experts. 

Solution: J. Alssid Associates provides expertise and guidance in the formation and facilitation of a task force of subject matter experts that will inform the development of ASSP’s Educational Framework. J. Alssid Associates works hand-in-hand with the ASSP Foundation team to create materials, structures and a process to navigate the first phase of framework development, which includes documentation of requirements and specifications to inform framework implementation.

Tech Start-up Seeks Early Adopter Education and Workforce Development Partners and Investors

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Challenge: Reset is an assessment system designed to identify the root causes that prevent people from changing, growing, and succeeding. Reset has been created by a team of psychologists and assessment experts, and draws from among the most widely accepted and researched models and theories of behavior. The Reset team seeks connections with partners and funders to shape Phase 2 buildout of the Reset platform.

Solution: J. Alssid Associates reviewed the Reset platform to understand how it might be best utilized by education and workforce development partners. We then orchestrated a series of meetings with Reset's CEO and potential partners and investors. We helped the Reset team to refine its pitch, shape the platform design, and engage with key partners for Phase 2 buildout and testing.

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