Our comprehensive array of services is designed to help policymakers and practitioners improve education, workforce development, and economic development within their own institutions and in the regions they serve.



We help clients assess their current education and training offerings and guide them through program and policy development as they grapple with issues such as information management, partnership development, and sustainability.

Workshops and Convenings

We deliver presentations to assist clients as they develop their policies and practices. Depending on the needs of the client, these workshops and convenings can last anywhere from one hour to several days. Topics can include labor market analysis, partnership building, and sustainability.


Writing and Research

We help clients to document initiatives by capturing project histories and lessons learned. We also assist clients in researching promising practices throughout the country in areas that will help with their efforts. Additionally, we can assist organizations in publishing their own reports by lending research, writing, or reviewing expertise.


Management of Initiatives

We assist funders and policymakers to develop and manage workforce development initiatives such as multi-partner learning communities. We help our clients to structure initiatives, administer funding, manage operations, and evaluate outcomes.